How We're Different

We Have a Different Approach

In our Financial & Strategic Advisory practice, Carbide Partners has adopted a different approach that allows us to provide our clients with unbiased, expert advice on a cost-effective basis.

Deep Industry Experience

We don’t accept advisory assignments unless we understand the fundamental industry and business forces that affect our clients and their businesses. Carbide Partners’ senior professionals focus on specific industries where our extensive operating experience helps business owners make the right decisions.

Focus on Client Needs

Our Financial and Strategic Advisory services center around helping clients make the right strategic choices in complex situations. Sometimes, business owners believe their strategic and financial alternatives are more limited than they really are. Carbide Partners’ mission is to help our clients review all their options in an unbiased manner, and then execute the best strategy quickly and aggressively.

Cost-Effective Fee Structures

Carbide Partners charges fees that match our clients’ needs. If we’re providing ongoing advice over a period of time, such as helping a business owner prepare his company for sale or cope with financial distress, we charge flat monthly fees that reflect the value we offer. If a client engages us to complete a specific transaction, we create a fee structure that aligns our incentives with the outcome desired by our client, typically in the form of a success fee for a specific result. We avoid hourly billing arrangements and large upfront retainers, which we believe reward inefficiency and create conflicts of interest between our clients and us.

Low Overhead with Global Reach

Our fees are reasonable because we keep our own costs low. Business owners and investors hire us because they want realistic advice from seasoned operators, not expensive networks of global offices or large organizational pyramids of lower-level professionals. If some aspects of our clients’ projects are best served through the specialized capabilities offered by larger firms, Carbide Partners has cost-effective partnership arrangements in place with other high quality advisors to meet such needs.

Responsiveness & Accessibility

We’ve all experienced the frustration that arises when advisors don’t promptly return calls and e-mails. Clients hire us because they have a critical financial or strategic decision to make. We’re committed to being there when they need us, for as long as it takes.