Business Sales & Divestitures

Helping Business Owners Realize Value

To paraphrase a humorous remark about exercise attributed to Mark Twain, when you feel like selling your company, lie down until the urge passes.

We’re half-joking, of course, but only half. If you’re a middle market business owner, selling your company can be one of the most important decisions of your career. Before we encourage any of our clients to pull the trigger, we work with them to evaluate the following issues in a structured process:

  1. What are the reasons for considering a sale?
  2. Is a sale the best way to realize value, compared to a recapitalization or other transaction?
  3. Is now the right time, or would it be better to prepare the business over time for a sale later?
  4. Who are the best buyers for the business?
  5. How should a sale be conducted?

For our clients, the right answer to the question of “Should I sell my business?” could be “yes,” “no,” or “not now.” Carbide Partners works with business owners and investors in an unbiased process to analyze the key questions, look at all the alternatives, and determine the best outcome.

Sometimes, an immediate sale is not the best approach for achieving our client’s objectives.  In these cases, we work with a business owner over time to prepare for a sales process that could occur 12 to 36 months later. Using our industry knowledge and skills as business owners and operators ourselves, we help clients restructure their management teams to address weaknesses, reduce costs to improve earnings, and streamline balance sheets to generate additional cash proceeds for our clients before a sale occurs.