Debt & Equity Financings

Thoughtful Access to Capital

Markets for capital experience boom and bust cycles. When the markets peak, aggressive investors throw money at almost any opportunity, and some companies spend it like drunken sailors. In the inevitable bust, over-extended companies collapse, and the survivors find it challenging to raise debt or equity money for any project, no matter how sound the business plan.

Carbide Partners has the experience to help our clients raise capital — in a thoughtful way — in almost any market. We assist clients in raising debt and equity capital for acquisitions, recapitalizations, major capital projects, shareholder liquidity needs, and refinancings of existing lenders or equity owners. Our principals have lengthy experience in the middle market debt, mezzanine and equity markets, and active relationships with a variety of institutional investors, regional and money-center commercial lenders, finance companies, investment funds and specialty lenders.

Carbide Partners works with business owners in a carefully structured process to find the right sources of capital, regardless of the state of the markets. We help clients:

  • Clarify objectives and determine an appropriate capital structure.
  • Develop the financing strategy and target the right sources of capital.
  • Market the company’s strengths aggressively to generate maximum interest from funding sources.
  • Control the process and create competition to achieve the best economic terms.
  • Drive the deal to a successful close.